Bungie Discusses the Essence and Innovations of Destiny

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Back in GDC 2013, Bungie took some time to define the world of Destiny, and if you missed the talk, check out here. In an interview with Xbox360 Magazine, Bungie's Joseph Staten discusses what exactly Destiny is and what makes the game different. BTW, he teases that they will tell more specific features at E3.

Destiny is a FPS, it's a shared world action shooter, and it's a sandbox shooter with social focus. It's not easy to describe what exactly it is at the moment, but "the important thing to remember about [Destiny] is that first and foremost it’s a Bungie game and those are the games we make and love", Staten says. The game features big open environment where you can shoot aliens, and there are social places where you can gather and it's got a persistent character. Player choices matter in Destiny, according to Staten, "every decision you make influences how you look or how you fight. It definitely has properties of what you’d associate with MMOs, but it is at its heart an action game."


Destiny is one of the pioneers who are exploring the next-gen platform. Bungie could certainly do a standard shooter, but with the talented people they have, they really want to look into the future and think hard about what's the future of action games. But does innovation necessarily make a better game? Staten tells that they play the game every day and they see that paying off. "The investment is worth it," he states.


Bungie wants everyone to be legend in Destiny, and they want everyone to be unique. Speaking of customization, he points out that "the big thing about customization in most games is that it's really siloed by activity. You have a character for the campaign and you have another character for competitive multiplayer." He explains that "in Destiny, your character is your character. No matter where you go in the story or the co-operative activities or competitive multiplayer, you will always have that character and it will persist from one mode to another."

What will Bungie show at E3? Space combat? Gameplay demo? We'll see in 2 months.


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