Tencent to Announce Monster Hunter Online April 18 - Report

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Monster Hunter Online

Tencent Games never hesitate to try something seldom MMO companies want to. With a deep pocket, Tencent acquired license from Capcom and re-created Monster Hunter Frontier Online to its own Monster Hunter MMO. In a teaser website, Tencent gives a timeline telling something will be unveiled on April 18. And there's source saying that is actually Monster Hunter Online, which has remained silent for a long time.

Monster Hunter Online

Little is known about this secret project until the teaser site updated another image today. If you take a close look at the symbols in the bottom of the picture, it's actually a word — CryEngine3. Check out the website here. Before April 18's final reveal, Tencent will give new information on April 12, 14, and 16.


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