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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (iOS) Will Come Without In-App Purchases

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, inherits the prototype of its predecessors in architecture, embedding a lot of high quality and elegant visual effects and meanwhile a lot of systems are finely tuned to enhance the playability and gaming. There are a lot of animation to explain the plot as well as scenario, which make the players immersing into this life-or-death battle with the alien just like appreciating a sci-fi movie.

It is said by 2K Games that iOS version is no different to the PC version in terms of gameplay content, that's to say, there will be no cutting and the mobile game players can experience the same game content as PC gamers. This is really anticipated by most of the players. However, it makes the players worry about the price of game at launch. Recently, the senior designer Jake Solomon had an interview with IGN. While being asked about the in-App purchase, Solomon explicitly presented that any kind of in-App purchase would make him sleepless. He could not accept that after charging the players the initial fee, the game make additional money through in-app purchases. Therefore, gamers can play the whole game after the one-time payment.

XCOM: Emeny Unknown is expected to land on iOS platform this summer. We hope the game can fulfill its promise and give us a surprise.

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