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Sword of Phantasia (iOS) Walkthrough Guide

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Sword of Phantasia

Tokyo smartphone game developer Pokelabo, acquired by GREE last year, launched its newest F2P mobile game Sword of Phanstasia on Japan App Store on April 1st.

Just like the other titles of Pokelabo, SoP is not only a simple social RPG, it merges elements such as real-time combat, class and skill system, individual character, party, multiplayer co-op boss fight, card collecting together to attract the hardcore players.

After only two hours releasing on Japan App Store, it has already topped the charts. At the release day alone, player number has already reached 100 thousand, and at the release week in Japan, Pokelabo cooperated with hip-hop band ONE☆DRAFT to compose the theme song. Players who purchases this CD can unlock three exclusive virtual items and obtain the rare cards.

The beginning of the game which is an elaborate anime story is very gorgeous. Accompanied with the animation, let me take you to explore the adventure in the game.

When the game starts, at first, you have to choose the gender of character, all of who are smart and lovely, very much like the style of Japanese anime character. I chose to be a female character and named her as enidmo. :)

Sword of Phantasia

The next step is to select class. In the game, there are three basic types of classes: Balance Type (Archer/Thief), Physical Attack Type (Swordsman/Knight) and Magic Type (Cleric/Wizard), you can choose anyone according to your preferences and also you can change your character into another job choosing from all three types of classes anytime. But some of the jobs need your character to reach higher level.

Sword of Phantasia

After creating a character, you can find out there are several buttons at the bottom of screen, including My Page, Adventure, Gacha, Combining, Weapon & Equipment, Menu.

Sword of Phantasia

In ‘My Page’, you can check out the avatar of your character. Click on ‘Adventure’ to enter into the game map, and you can choose a place marked by a number to beat monsters, collect gold coins and treasure boxes.

Sword of Phantasia

In the ‘Gacha’ page, you can draw equipments and weapons. Although the items you drew could not compare to the ones you purchased, the freely drew items have a wide variety of types, innovative appearance, and can attract the players who did not like in-App purchase. In the ‘Combining’ page, players can take advantage of items such as enhance potions to upgrade the weapon and equipment.

Sword of Phantasia

Speaking of Avatar System, it is separated with weapon and equipment system. In other words, players can change the appearance of character, but do not change the equipment and weapon simultaneously (for example, players can handheld wand, but display a sword).

Sword of Phantasia

In addition, players can transform the equipment and weapon according to their demanding, but they can also choose the optimal sets provided by the system.

Through the simple introduction above, whether you have a general understanding about this game and be interested in it? There will be a variety of rich activities in the game from time to time, and gamers can take part in it to achieve some unique items. If you are a diehard fan of Japanese RPG, please hurry up.

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