Clash of Clan Layout: Protect Resources

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1.This is a base that i use and it protect all my resource especially elixir dark elixir and gold storage

2.There are 4 entrance from the right left and up bottom if you use archer or barbarian you will face barbarian king,cannon,and archer tower,and reiforcement troops and if you using the goblin you will get rush by wizard tower and if you use dragon you will get attack from wizard tower,air defense and 2 archer tower,and if you suceed destroy 1 wall you would have got hit by a mortar

3.If this weapon defense and wall are upgraded at max you won't get the resource easily

4.And the town hall in the left is a tactic,so if someone looking for trophy he willl destroy it and we will get the shield

Weakness : your trophy will descreased but it just only 7-10 if they destroy townhall,sometimes people try to rush in my resource and boom my defense win and got 15-22 trophy


Clash of Clans Layout

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