Endless Pixel-art Game Slayin (iOS) Review

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Recently, it seems that the fashion of pixel-art game is bursting again. Here, I want to share Slayin, an ARPG pixel-art game developed by famous FDG with you.

The retro pixel image with a brisk 8-bit music, and there is also a simple operating panel including Action Key, Forward Key and Backward Key at the bottom of the game interface. Do all of these remind you the GameBoy you played in childhood?


There are three modes in Slayin: Normal, Advanced, and Timed Mode. There also are three characters players can choose: Knight, Thief and Mage. However, at the beginning of the game, you only can choose Knight under the Normal Mode. The other two modes and characters should be purchased by game bonus point the you achieved in game. Therefore, one of the ways to experience more fun in Slayin is to keep playing for a long time and then unlock the other game modes and characters.



In the game, the monsters will constantly respawn, gold coins will keep dropping and characters can level up consecutively. Every five level the characters upgraded, you can obtain a chance to purchase items in the game. You can consume gold coins to recover characters’ HP or get BUFFs. Every ten level the characters upgraded, you can active a Boss battle, and if you succeed, you can get a Ruby. And then you start another adventure, which is more difficult than the former one. Whenever character’s HP hits zero, the game ends immediately, and the accumulated gold coins and Ruby will be cleared. Thus, consumable items such as Gold Coin will be permanently gone after you die. This set, to some level, increase the difficulty of game and enhances the game playability.

There are three characters in the game, depending on the character you choose, the mission list on the bottom of the screen will change a little bit accordingly. Below is a brief summary of the three characters’ attribute and skills:


Basic Attributes: Attack ★★☆ | Defence ★★★ | Lucky ★☆☆
Advantage: Using sword and shield is good for the balance between attack and defense, players can survive easily in game.
Weakness: The underfoot area of a knight is a dead zone, he can't attack the enemies refreshed from below the horizon.


Basic Attributes: Attack ★★★ | Defence ★★☆ | Lucky ★☆☆
Advantage: Using two-handed swords will not miss any corner of the scene in game while attacking.
Weakness: The thief's volume is too big to jump and attact neatly, and the splash radius of his weapon is small, he may not resist the range Attack.


Basic Attributes: Attack ★★★ | Defence ★☆☆ | Lucky ★★★
Advantage: Turning the Mage into a tornado will make him invincible while attacking the enemies.
Weakness: Once the mage releases a spell, he can't cast another one until the cooldown ends, in the meantime, the Mage is vulnerable and will possibly be attacked without the defense ability. Besides, the Mage can't jump, he can't attack the flying enemies unless they decline.

Conclusion: Although it is very easy to learn how to play, you can find it is a little difficult to master. It is really a time killer game and appropriate for people playing in the fragmented time on normal days. Why not give it a try?

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