Elder Scrolls Online Talks Player Choice, "Raids" and More

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Elder Scrolls Online

The latest issue of Elder Scrolls Online's Ask Us Anything answered the community's various questions covering PvE and PvP, key system and trivial content. The developer talked about mechanics of player choices in detail, and they also shed some light on meaningful quests and "raids".

Elder Scrolls Online's high freedom allows you to choose what to do. We know that whether you choose to save a village from enemies attack, or stop an assassin from killing the king will have certain effect on the following events. Since ESO is an MMORPG, there's concern that player choices will bring you and your friends (who make different decisions) to different "layerings". The developer said the separation that caused by different choices tends to come at the end of the activity for an area. Besides, whether or not you've done a certain thing in certain areas will also trigger temporary "layering".

Elder Scrolls Online

There are other mechanisms to introduce player choices to you but don't cause separation. "You may experience something completely different than someone else based on your individual choices, but the ways we show this don't separate you from others at all. The latter techniques are used far more frequently than layering." ESO's main story is the solo type which means you don't have too much opportunity to group with others, but in the player choice case, you don't have to worry about being unable to play with your friends.

In terms of quests, the developer said quests are designed with purpose in mind, or "context." It's important for ESO that quests should make sense and quest granting "should be done in a way that is grounded in the world." You can receive a quest from NPC, which is the very traditional way, but you will also trigger quests by finding books, notes, corpses, etc.

Elder Scrolls Online

The "raid" is an aspect that the developer didn't talk too much before. It seems that there won't be "raids" in the traditional sense of the word, and instead, the game will have its own type of large group PvE content. Unfortunately, the developer hasn't been ready to reveal more details.

You can read the full article of Ask Us Anything at the official site, and you can learn more about the gameplay in our PAX East 2013 hands-on.


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