​The Amazing Eternals CBT Review: What it is and what it could be





(You can read my previous article here. I'll talk as if continuing it)

I gotta say...  at first, I was really lost.

People would kill me out of nowhere. There were some rare things that looked like cards on the left side of the UI. When I pressed the card's number, something would happen yet I rarely knew what. Sometimes my weapon would change, and so would my playstyle, so learning how to use Nia's bow wasn't really my choice.

I tried changing my eternal, but everyone would just kill me anyway...

It was hard. At first.

But then I started to learn the maps more or less. I asked people I played with about it... advices like "Don't change character too much if not at all, You'll lose your upgrades" were really helpful. That's why I started to die less, kill more, get the plays, the no scopes (Literally)...

So now I can tell you in detail about the current game.

Lorespeaking, The Amazing Eternals is a board game much like Jumanji. It transports us to another dimension in which we become powerful beings called Eternals. These beings come from different parts of the multiverse, which explains why there is an electric-skull-faced -maniac among them (Dread).

Now, to the gameplay.

First: The card system.

I thought starting here was the right choice because is precisely what differences TAE from Overwatch, Paladins, Team Fortress (the real predecessor some may say)... or any other of the same genre.

How does it work?

Nice question! Every Eternal has its own arrange of cards which can form a deck of 12. This deck will decide IN ORDER what cards will appear as the match progresses, with a maximum of 3 cards at the same time. If you change character in the middle of a game, the order will be reset.

There are lots of different cards, and each one has a certain effect. Hence, the key to create a good deck is to understand your eternal, its weakness and strong points, and choose to reinforce them accordingly. For example, the eternal I've been playing the most is Nia, a cowgirl with a bow.

She has two abilities: a snaring trap which slows enemies when triggered, and Haunt, which sends your ancestors as spirits to follow and mark one enemy in your sight, effectively granting you vision of its movements even through walls.

Cards for Nia have some real nice effects, reinforcing her bow (which well aimed is very deadly), trap, haunt and giving her the option to use other weapons such as rifles, poison crossbows, snipers (A card which I have yet to find). Some even enhance her gameplay, allowing her to land critical hits for a set amount of time or to do more damage if she remains aiming with a rifle for more than 1 second.

"Dynamic" is the word that comes to my mind. I love it.

Second: The game modes.

For now there are only two: A simple team deathmatch, in which we are thrown to kill each other at our hearts desire. The first team to reach 40 kills wins.

And the Fragment Fight. Much more like capture a point, but not so much. Lorespeaking, every team starts with three fragments and a neutral one in the middle of the map. Our objective is to siphon/drain the energy of the neutral fragment (by staying close with no enemy near) before the other team does, in order to be the first to attack.  

Once the Fragment is story, the attacking team will be able to proceed to the next one, while the defending team will try to ensure its safety by contesting the area around it as much as possible until the timer runs out. As you may have guessed, if the defending team is successful, it'll be their turn to attack.

The match ends when the global timer runs out or when a team doesn't have any fragments left.

In my opinion is not such an innovative game mode, yet it has just the right details to make it different from having to capture zones and gain points. It will get boring with time though.  

Finally, Third: The board game or account progression.

Imagine Jumanji, and those who don't know what Jumanji is, please google it. Is a classic. Or Zathura, for those who want a more accurate title to the game at hand.

Once you've done that, picture any board game in your mind (yeah, I know. You don't need Jumanji for this). Everytime you finish a match (Or as a loremaster, get absorbed into the game), you'll earn experience which will make you advance spaces in the board, and each space yields a reward. Coins (to spend in cosmetics or more cards), a free space to move foward, or a set of cards for an specific eternal.
In the future you should also be able to unlock different eternals in this manner, or so I understood from reading the main website.

In any case, the game is still in Closed Beta, which basically means bugs. Lots of bugs. I may write a detailed feedback in the future to give you guys to pros and cons, but to picture an image: You died. and in the Deathcam you see how the other guy shot you literally outside your body. I don't know if this is a latency problem, or a deathcam inaccuracy or simply the hitbox is way bigger than the model of my character... but is quite frustrating sometimes to be killed even though you reacted correctly and took cover in time.

I have to confess that at first I thought the game would be a real boulder to play. Don't mind my metaphors, but you get my meaning. However, once I understood the basics it became way more fun, and the community is really kind and friendly. Which is why if you want to play, you should definitely keep an eye out for any keys giveaways. Or to buy a founder pack, but that's your decision, not mine.

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