Shroud of the Avatar Raised Over $1.9 Million on Kickstarter

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Shroud of the Avatar

Richard Garriott's next fantasy RPG Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues' one-month Kickstarter campaign just ended with $1,919,275 funded. The campaign set a $1 million goal but the result exceeded expectation and turned out to be a big success.

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar features offline no-DRM single-player experience as well as online multiplayer modes. You can delve into the deep and rich story, test wide range of combat and non-combat skills, and experience the crafting and housing features. The game will be episodic and the first chapter Forsaken Virtues is expected to release in October 2014.

Shroud of the Avatar makes use of buy-to-play model and will support Windows, Mac and Linux. If you miss the Kickstarter campaign but still want to support Lord British's project, you can pledge your support on the game's official site.


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