Trolls vs Vikings, Which Looks Strikingly Similar to PvZ But

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Troll vs Vikings

I watched a gameplay trailer of an iOS game titled Trolls vs Vikings on YouTube just a few days ago, and I found out that this game are very similar to the popular Plants vs Zombies. Without further ado, let's watch the gameplay video first.

Trolls vs Vikings is a tower defense game about the wars between peace-loving Trolls and angry Gods and Vikings of Norse mythology. If you have to regard this game as a 'copy' of Plants vs Zombies, it must be a 'copy' which has a number of genre enhancements I think.

Trolls vs Vikings adds multiplayer matches including both live and asynchronous that you can't experience in Plants vs Zombies, full social integration, movable towers, strategic resource gathering, a dynamic tile system, set-piece challenges, and more features are adopted as well.

I'm not sure if you noticed the characters appearing in the video above. Don't you think they are distinctive? I suppose it's because they are designed based on the Norse mythology. Below are four short 'videos' of the game characters, take a look.

Viking Berserker

Viking Supporter

Viking Valkyrie

Troll Head Thrower

Trolls vs Vikings is scheduled to release on iOS in December 2013, shortly followed by Android and browser versions, and this game will be Free 2 Play.

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