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Pipe Trouble: Taking a New Spin on an Old Arcade Classic

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Pipe Trouble

Pipe Trouble is a Pop Sandbox Production, produced in collaboration with Six Island Productions and TVO with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation and the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund. It was developed with the support of docSHIFT (an initiative of the Documentary Organization of Canada's Toronto chapter).

In Pipe Trouble, players are tasked with successfully building their own pipeline while balancing environmental and financial considerations in overtly cartoonish situations anchored in real world events that are also featured in the film. Successful balance and meeting both interests is the only way to gain a top score or ultimately 'win'. Fines, injunctions, protests and bombings are all very clearly obstacles to success. At no point does a player assume the role of an 'eco-terrorist' or engage in any act of vandalism or bombing as has been reported.

This simple fun game, Pipe Trouble, which takes a clever new spin on an old arcade classic and puts players in the middle of Big Oil & Gas is really worth playing I think, hope you will like it too. Hurry up and download Pipe Trouble via the App Store.

Official Site: http://www.pipetrouble.com/


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