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Orange.Ohaiyo G-1 Interview: Every team wants the same thing






(Picture from Gosugamer.ReiNNNN)

In this interview, Orange's solo mid player Ohaiyo talks about his playstyle versus Mushi's, what pressure is like, and more...

17173: Ohaiyo, hello, thank you for doing this interview with us.

Ohaiyo: Hi everyone, I am Ohaiyo of Orange, and I currently play the solo role.

17173: You were in China to participate in competition last year, what is your impression of China?

Ohaiyo: I've got quite a good impression of China. One of my goals has always been to compete in China. After all, I haven't gotten to compete internationally much~

17173: At the start of this year, Orange underwent some roster changes. I remember you had your start from the Orange Academy, how does it feel to be back with Orange now?

Ohaiyo: Haha. When I first came back to Orange I was very nervous, because before, I had been Mushi's understudy. Now that we're officially teammates, it feels pretty great.

17173: Currently you are the team's solo mid player, with Mushi switched to carry. What differences do you feel there are between your two playstyles? Do you often trade solo mid experiences?

Ohaiyo: Mushi's solo mid style has some differences from mine. I typically pay more attention to last-hitting, while Mushi prefers to pressure his opponent more. Indeed, we do exchange experiences and knowledge, and sometimes I also practice 1v1 with another teammate, Kyxy.

17173: In your first G-1 match of this season, you lost 0-2 to RSnake. What were the causes behind this loss? Was it because you were unfamiliar with this new team?

Ohaiyo: I think we played poorly, we were out of form... And even though we aren't very familiar with them, they definitely aren't weak.

17173: In that match, your TA during one game did not achieve much of an advantage, and it seemed like you lost your tempo that game. How did you feel about your execution there?

Ohaiyo: Execution was average. Even though it's true that I was taken out of my rhythm by harrassment during the lane phase, that wasn't the main reason. It was at top lane, where we it took three of us, along with a Magnus ult, to gank Shadow Fiend. During the time it took, they managed to rotate three of their own players top and caught two of us... Clockwerk especially gained a lot of experience and gold from that, and managed to snowball.

17173: Upon losing their first match in group, it becomes that much harder to advance as first in the group. You face next, have you had scrims with them lately? What do you think are your chances of victory?

Ohaiyo: We haven't scrimmed lately... I think it's a 50/50 matchup... we will absolutely do our best!!!!

17173: Group A has a total of three teams from China, and your team is the sole non-Chinese representative. You are surrounded, do you feel any pressure? :D

Ohaiyo: Haha... for my teammates, perhaps not, but for me as a new player, there is a bit of pressure...

17173: In the previous season of G-1, Orange achieved third place, and good result. Your new roster must also have goals, what are they for this season of G-1?

Ohaiyo: In my mind, every team has the same goal, and for every competition it is the same as well: champions! This holds true for us too!

17173: Thanks again to Ohaiyo for the interview, we look forward to your team's performances!

Ohaiyo: Thanks G-1 for the interview! We plan on going all out!

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