The 5 Best Online Games We Played at GDC 2013

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GDC 2013 games

The 5-day event of GDC 2013 just concluded. We saw cool games such as Battlefield 4 at San Francisco and we met great developers like Hideo Kojima at Moscone Center — it was a fantastic experience. What I'm going to share with you here is the five best online games I saw during GDC.

Hawken with Oculus Rift's headset (PC)

The expo floor didn't open until March 27 and I checked Oculus Rift's booth first because I heard of the gadget for a while. The game they used to demo is mech shooter Hawken. Those who were playing the game had to move their heads around frequently with the virtual reality headset. Because the game is played in cockpit camera, and what you can see is quite restricted. Although I played Hawken before, it still took me a while to get use to the view with Oculus Rift on my head and I had to say, it was a very different experience.

Oculus Rift

Since I'm not hardcore mech player, I can't tell whether or not Oculus Rift is perfect for this genre, but I can say the experience is fun and realistic — it made me feel I was sitting in the cockpit (thanks to the cockpit view) instead of the chair. When I flew or jumped into the air, I felt like I was really in the air.

Dungeon Hunter 4 (iOS, Android)

Gameloft's Product PR Manager Thomas Price showed me the actual gameplay of Dungeon Hunter 4 at GDC. The game is still in development and things are subject to change. He played the game on iPad and told me that the game will be free to download. I saw there were many upgrades related to in-app purchase and asked Tom how many gems were needed to unlock everything. He said they were still working on balancing the in-app purchases and it's hard to tell an exact number.

The game is action-based and you have normal attack as well as up to 4 special skills. I tried the combat and it was faster and more intense than the previous games. You can solo or connect to Gameloft's server to group with other players to battle tough monsters. Of course you will be able to test your skill in PvP arena. Tom also offered us a look at the skill system, and it had the depth and freedom that a good RPG should have.

Dungeon Hunter 4


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