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Age of Wushu: Global Championships Tournament Recap

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On March 29, the global finals of Wulin Competition for 'Age of Wushu' were kicked off at the Snail Games art center in Shanghai China. The one million (RMB) cash prize created a cash record for online competitive games single prize money. The competition attracted more than a hundred contestants from around the world including: the United States, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and many other countries.

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All the contestants gathered in Shanghai to compete for the Global championship of the Wulin Competition. Jet Li visited the competition scene and introduced the world to the high level of competition between players in the game Age of Wushu and showed the world the amazing talents of the players that participated in the tournament.

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Before the competition, throngs of enthusiastic players descended on the venue, and hundreds of players in ancient costumes witnessed the first day event of the global finals of the Wulin Competition. The Finals were made up of qualifying tournaments from around the China and the last eight trials were held on Worldwide servers for the remaining players. Finally, after heart stopping, amazing play in the early rounds. The following players: ZhouRunfa, MoJili, QinGui, YanShuangying, MoRonghan, XuanyuanDingtian, LanLing and ShangRen (Game ID) Those 8 players won and are now in contention for the last eight spots. These players are excited to compete for the one million cash prize (RMB) and one player whose skills surpass the others will be known as the global spokesperson for 'Age of Wushu', and get to meet and talk about the Age of Wushu with the international martial arts superstar Jet Li's during the award ceremony.

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