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WoW Movie is Coming, Kit Harington Will Play Arthas

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Happy April Fool's Day!

The World of Warcraft Movie has gone farther since Donna Jones took the position of director. And today Blizzard and Legendary made an announcement revealed several information of the process including the actors, locations, music and the scenario which was once under wraps. The movie is confirmed to release on August 2015 as former news stated.


The basic story was inspired by Rise of the Lich King. And of course Arthas is the leading role. As a Prince of Lordaeron, Arthas spent his life trying to save his people but bewitched by devils. The story starts from Burning Legion invaded Lordaeron when Arthas and Jaina were studying magic. The ending will be different from the original, but they didn’t reveal much detail. But Blizzard stated that some epic gears will be represented on screen.


The actors are primarily confirmed that Arthas will be played by Kit Harington.Yes, Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Arthas and Jon Snow are both complex roles with sadness inside. And they choose Anne Hathaway to play Jaina. Her appearance matches Jaina quiet well. I personally am very satisfied about this. And Russell Crowe, Maximus from Gladiator will be our Thall. This is all we know so far. Other roles and actors are still unknow. What do you think?

Arthas-- Kit Harington
Jaina-- Anne Hathaway
Thall--Russell Crowe


The crew is considering taking the scenery of Iceland as Icecrown Citadel, the final raid instance in WLK. Inside the Citadel is a Crevasse holding the throne of Lich King. They will build some scenes and adopt CG technology to produce the grand sight of Northrend.


Part of the music for WoW movie will be adapted from the game OST. And also they’ll made some special music as background music. Legendary did not revealed much about it, but we can review the OST here:

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack:
Wrath Of The Lich King 
Dragons' Rest 
Arthas, My Son 
Path Of Tears
God Hunters 
Forged In Blood 
Mountains Of Thunder
Secrets Long Forgotten 
The Kalu'ak 
The Eye Of Eternity 
Garden Of Life 
The Culling 
Howling Fjord 
Rise Of The Vrykul 
Borean Tundra 
Totems Of The Grizzlemaw 
The Wrath Gate 
Angrathar's Shadow 
Assault On New Avalon

You can find detailed information here:
http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/warcraft-movie-details- released-31566/

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