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PLAYERS Pajkatt G-1 Interview: Playing in G1 is a lot of Fun





G1 League Interview Pajkatt

2Pcom: Hi, Pajkatt. Thank you for accepting interview of You have joined for almost half year. How do you feel? What impress you most in China? And do you know why they name the team LGD?
Pajkatt: I am happy with, the sponsor and my teammates are all to my satisfaction. Even though I was aware of the discipline that the chinese teams possessed it still impressed me. I know about the Lao gan die hot sauce!

2Pcom: What do you do in daily life except training? Do you travel around?
Pajkatt: In our daily life, we play a lot of dota, pubs or scrimms or matches. Other than that, we go out and eat, go to watch movies, go to some club and so on. As for traveling, we quite often go to Shanghai for matches/events.

2Pcom: Do you have several teams in mind that you want to play against in G1 League? Can you tell me why?
Pajkatt: I look forward to playing all teams in G1, playing in tournaments is a lot of fun and so the more games the merrier.

2Pcom: Lifestealer is a popular scorer recently in G-1 Champions League. But I found on joinDota it is your worst Hero, why?
Pajkatt: Lifestealer is a very strong hero, about the joindota information, I am not sure what they base their judgement on... but it could have something to do with the fact that when I play it, it is usually the farming hero and in my opinion naix does best in the 3 position.

2Pcom: Lately you have a match with iG, and I am sorry to hear your losing the game, but have you learned something from that match?
Pajkatt: In the finals against iG I think we learned we need to work on our late-game play aswell as entering enemies base sucessfully when we have an advantage.

Pajkatt 2Pcom: What do you think of the top 3 Chinese teams - DK, LGD.CN, iG, do they have something in common? And what are the most different things among them?
Pajkatt: The thing the 3 chinese top teams have in common is that they all have a very serious approach to dota, however they have a whole bunch of differences.
In a few words. - stable team that will try to perfect one type of play, focus on their own game and they like taking the game to late game.
DK - A bit larger hero pool than, but they also enjoy late game battles.
iG - They like to win all their lanes and then pressure the enemy until they can no longer do anything.

2Pcom: Recently I found you play Lone Druid more, is it your favorite one, what is his specialty?
Pajkatt: I like play LD because it is one of the strongest solos in the game aswell as a good pusher, he can also go into mid lane or offlane making it a very good pick.

2Pcom: As main carry, you play melee hero more, what about the ranged ones? Which one is your favorite?
Pajkatt: I belive it is the other way around unless you see LD as a melee hero. But I enjoy playing NP, SF, Luna, Morph aswell as a few others.

2Pcom: What is your favorite courier while playing DOTA 2?
Pajkatt: My favourite courier is the yet to be released LGD-courier!

2Pcom: Since DOTA 2 is very popular, many girls join this community. However, some players especially boys, feel very frustration, what do you think? Do you teach girls to play DOTA 2?
Pajkatt: For me it doesnt matter if I play with a girl or a boy as long as I am having fun while playing.

Pajkatt: Shoutout to our sponsors LGD, Razer and Taobao, also a special shoutout to Nicholas our teamleader and to my brother Kalle!







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