GDC: A Mind Control Game, Fiction or Reality?

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Mind Wave

It is the last day of Game Development Conference. On the conference, journalist from surprisingly finds out a company named Neurosky to demonstrate its innovative technology product which is beyond the imagination of normal people: Mind Wave – a mind control equipment. When you wear this goggle like equipment, this device will collect brain waves, calculate the tester’s thinking and judge what he want to do next, and then return a value to the program. Wearing this device, you should focus your attention to a target on the screen, and then the corresponding concentration value will grow. It could not throw the object located on the target until the concentration value hit the threshold point. Journalist combats again an American peer using the Mind Wave on the conference. They both use the power of mind to fetch objects, such as: box, car and anything, to throw to each other. During the period of demo, it is full of fun, very amazing. Maybe in the near future, this technique will use in the video game, and players in the video game can actually use Force to fight, just like Jedi Knight in the movie Star Wars.

Mind Wave

Mind Wave

Some Hand-on experience about Mind Wave;

1. This technique is not mature, for example, only through many times debugging, the equipment can work normally.

2. This equipment is a little “brain consuming”, you have to concentrate your mind during the whole process and it is really tired for me to do it. If you want to use this technique in the game, believe me, within one hour, you will be crashed.

3. The action in the game is pretty simple. You only can manipulate two kinds of actions, to throw things out or to pause your action, which means you can only control the object in the game. I image, is it possible, in the future, for us to add magic and spells in the game, such as using brain wave to create frozen, flame or toxic effect etc. Are you looking forward to it? I wish, five or six year later, I can use Force simply to active the skill of Meteorite Rain in the game…

4. To my best knowledge, this device have already sold in the market in the USA, you can spend 99 bucks buying one. It is so regret that we could not obtain detail information about the sales from the staffs. Anyway, if this device is really available in the video game, how many studios would like to take a risk to develop the mind control game, how many developers will enter into the market of mind control game, and what the quest of gamers, all of these are still unclear.

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