Bungie Talks the Four Pillars of Destiny at GDC 2013

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Bungie calls their brand-new IP Destiny the next great action shooter. They are proud of what they have created in Halo universe, but they compare Halo to pipelines, which is long but narrow. Bungie wants to create a game that millions of players can visit again and again in the next 10 years — that's how Destiny starts.

Today at GDC, the game's Art Director Christopher Barrett and Design Director Joe Staten explained the four pillars of Destiny.
1. Hopeful and inviting
Destiny is a hybrid of fantasy and sci-fi. There are castles, beasts, heroes and other fantasy elements. However, the developer said they can't give up sci-fi which they love and were really good at. Shooting aliens and controlling spaceships, why not?

2.Idealized reality
Destiny is totally a new project for Bungie, and the game's visual style is inspired by a lot of artists such as Peter Gric, Sam Glliam, John Harris and so on. The game's armor and vehicle style are actually influenced by anime, according to the two developers. The developer also mentioned the Post FX engine technology which they use to unify the arts.

3.Filled with mystery and adventure
Many fancy arts were showed at the speech. The developers said they hoped the many places in the game were both familiar and strange to players. What Bungie does is unifying the visual theme and creating the destination postcards which will be then turned to actual graphics by the world building tool.

4.Where you can become legend
From one hero (Halo) to millions (Destiny), Bungie believes choice is the key to make everyone a legend in the world and choice starts from character creation. Presented at GDC, there are three races:
Human, the relatable, tough and uncomplicated species
Awoken, the exotic, beautiful and mysterious race
Exo, a sinister, powerful and tireless group (imagine Master Chief and Terminator)

Of course there are choices on class. Bungie has unveiled Titan, Hunter and Warlock before.

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