Guild Wars 2: Designing the Living World

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GW2 Living World

A new developer diary has been posted by Guild Wars Living World Designer Leif Chappelle to the official GW2 site, featuring specific details about how the Living World will gradually unfolding stories to the playerbase, and how the team goes about crafting the "living breathing world".

What we're creating is an actual chronology of the world. Flame and Frost has taken several months to develop, but it's just one story arc within the overall plot beginning to unfold. The events of Flame and Frost will create repercussions throughout the world, bringing new tales and conflicts to light. Through the course of 2013, the concept of these Living World releases will grow in scope and grandeur as we move ahead and build up the groundwork to make this a key component of the developing and ever-changing world of Guild Wars 2.

The living world system, a series of limited-time dynamic events chained together into an ongoing plot was introduced to Guild Wars 2 recently. But so far players have found the whole affair a little bit disappointing. So ArenaNet tried hard to continually educate and sell the concept of living story.

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