G-1 Champions League Asia Qualifier VODs

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G-1 Champions League Asia Qualifier Phase 1 VODs

G-1 Champions League Asia Qualifier Phase 1 VODs
Phase 1: Bracket | Schedule
Note: due to the time schedule in Phase 1, not all the matches got streaming and VODs.

Recommended Games

1st.VN vs Dreamz Ledion

VODs Round 1

MSIevoGT vs TNC Gaming: LD
1st.VN vs Dreamz Ledion: LD
Invasion vs Neo.TH: LD
Neo.INT vs SM: LD
Pacific vs First Departure: LD & PYRIONFLAX
Mineski vs Breakfall: LD

VODs Round 2

TI9 Champs vs Rilimin: Game 1: LD | Game 2: LD | Game 3: LD
MiTH vs Neo.INA: Game 2: LD
Execration vs First Departure: Game 1: LD & PYRIONFLAX | Game 2: LD & PYRIONFLAX
Mineski vs Gizmo: Game 2: LD | Game 3 - LD

Streaming and Bracket: Ayesee (English) | BTS (English) | StarLadder (Russian) | 17173 (Chinese)

G1 Interview List | G1 VODs

    Asia Qualifier: Bracket and VODs ALL-IN-ONE
        Phase 1: Bracket | Schedule | Recommended VODs and List
        Phase 2: Team List | Recommended VODs and List
        Phase 3: Team List and Schedule | Preview | Recommended VODs and List
        Asia Playoff: Recommended VODs and List
    NA/EU Qualifier: Schedule and Bracket
    LAN Finals: TBA


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