Gameloft: Dungeon Hunter 4 Coming Soon

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Dungeon Hunter 4

Just several days ago, Gameloft delivered a message on its official Twitter declared that a classic ARPG Dungeon Hunter 4 is ready to complete, and will be released soon. On hearing this news, diehard fans of Dungeon Hunter all cheered up.

Dungeon Hunter 4

At PAX East 2013, which just completed on March 25th, Dungeon Hunter 4 presented a lot of fresh content and features, and also exposed a game trailer. From the trailer, Dungeon Hunter 4 is set in the epic chaotic world which the Valens and the Kenashi are fighting with each other. The war can be date back to ancient times, the beginning of the human history. Since then, the tremendous slaughter and the evil blood are attracting demons on and on. Therefore, in order to eliminate the demons, keep the crowd safe, two countries make peace of that time, each sending soldiers to the place where overwhelmed by hordes of demons, collaborating to eradicate the threaten of human being – the demons. In the game, players will personate the soldiers, proceeding bloody fighting in the dungeon against demons. You can fight in PvP mode, or cooperate with friends to defeat the unparallel powerful enemies.

This game establishes 25 scenes in total, which including both storyline mode and cooperation/battle mode. In addition, there are four classes for gamers to choose, Rogue (to act stealthily), Knight (to use the blade as your favorite weapon), Mage (to perform the most powerful magic), Warrior (to hold powerful weapon).Each class has both male and female appearance. Player can name the character and choose the career as they wish.

Dungeon Hunter 4

In term of manipulating, this game is almost identical with other ARPG games, adopting virtual joystick plus virtual key to control the characters. On the bottom left, the virtual joystick is to control the movement of characters; and on the bottom right, the virtual key is to control the attack and action of characters. In the game, the upgrade mode is to upgrade a variety of skills and systems. Players can enhance the weapon and defensive tools utilizing the money and magic gems, but after each enhancement, cooling time is needed. The higher the level of items, the longer cooling time you want. Thus, you have to wait enough time to achieve the superior equipment. However, you can purchase in-app diamond props to upgrade your equipment instantly.

Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a free-to-play with in-app microtransaction loot RPG, and will run on iOS and Android at launch. But the exact releasing date is still uncertain. So stay tuned. will offer you the newest information of Dungeon Hunter 4.

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