GDC 2013: Upcoming Mobile Games Preview

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Halfbrick has claimed that they would launch 8 new games this year, their first iOS game titled Fish Out of Water was revealed but without many details in the early days. Luke and Phil from Halfbrick just brought us a hands-on video of Fish Out of Water, and it's easy to find out that Fish Out of Water is a simple but worth playing mobile game as Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja.

Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile is under development. Although this game weren't provided a trailer at GDC 2013 by Warner Bros, the representative revealed that they would release more details shortly.

The latest work of iMech series titled iMech Online developed by Mobula Games, its hands-on video was already posted on Youtube. And this game, according to the official, will be launched sometime in next month.

GRL Games's turn-based strategy card game Rocket Patrol is heading to the App Store for free in the next few weeks. If you're interested in card games, Rocket Patrol may be a good choice for you, you can firstly take a look at its trailer video.

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