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LGD.xiao8 G-1 Interview: LongDD to sub in, group A tough





G-1 Phase 3 is set to begin on March 27, with the LGD derby between their int and cn squads leading off. In anticipation, we interviewed's Director 8, xiao8, to learn more about how they've been doing lately!

17173: Thank you Director 8 for the interview, go ahead and say hi to everyone~

xiao8: Hello everyone, I am LGD.xiao8.

17173: Not long ago, because of surgery, DD had to take leave from training. We're all thinking of him and concerned for his health, when will he be back? How is everything?

xiao8: The surgery went pretty well, and he's already arrived back in Hangzhou as of yesterday.

17173: Only getting back yesterday means he hasn't had time to train with the rest of you, yet your matches start tomorrow, how will your team deal with this?

xiao8: Yeah, he just arrived back so definitely haven't had enough time for training. So we had been practicing with LongDD previously, and will use him as a temporary substitute.

17173: The groupings for the next phase of G-1 have been announced, and it looks like you've been put together with your international squad comrades again, plus you'll be meeting in the first matchup of the group. What's typical training between your squads like, do you think you can beat them for a good start in the group?

xiao8: By now we're accustomed to being grouped together like this -.- Our training's been nothing special, and win or lose isn't that important, mostly it's to be able to find problems in our own play.

17173: Also in your group are Orange and new team RSnake, making for a pretty tense group overall. Who do you feel are your biggest opponents in group A? Do you have confidence in advancing as the leaders of your group?

xiao8: Each team here is a very strong opponent, and we'll be taking each match seriously, with the goal of advancing on.

17173: You are the defending champions of G-1 here, and fans will have placed a lot of hopes on your team. With a challenging group ahead, along with yet to be confirmed EU/NA qualifiers, this means that your job in defending your title has gotten more difficult. Are you guys ready?

xiao8: Yeah, we will do our utmost to be in form and play our best in upcoming matches.

17173: In group B we see iG, DK, Zenith, and dark horse team Chains. How about you give us your predictions for this group?

xiao8: IG and DK should be the ones to advance smoothly I think, only thing to see is who places top... This dark horse can only 'dark' some new teams, no way they're gonna go all the way.

17173: Compared to last season of G-1, this season sees a higher prizepool, more teams and regions involved, and lengtheir format. has been a frequent challenger in G-1, so you have any opinions or suggestions for us?

xiao8: G-1 is an excellent competition, but I feel that if there were more teams for the offline portion, the atmosphere and excitement at the venue would be even better.

17173: Okay, got it. In the end, you have the floor to say anything to your fans and supporters~

xiao8: Thank you to those friends who have supported me all along. Thank you to our sponsors, LGD, Taobao, and Razer. I wish continuous improvement and success to G-1.

17173: Thanks again to Director 8 for the interview, we look forward to your team's debut this season.

xiao8: Thank you.

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