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ChainsStack.Johnny G-1 Interview: I want to go to China





The underdog in both of their encouters so far, Chains Stack has posted two upsets in the qualifiers for G-1 Champions League Season 5, first defeating For.Love by 2-1, then last night completing an impressive 2-0 victory over RisingStars to claim the group B spot to the next phase. After their latest success, G-1 got ChainsStack's mid player Johnny for an interview, let's take a look.

17173: Hi Johnny, congratulations on your team's success, say hi to everyone~

Johnny: Hi everyone, I am Johnny, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

17173: In-game, you often use Chinese to communicate with others, and your Chinese is pretty fluent. Can you introduce yourself a bit? When did you first start playing Dota 2?

Johnny: I'm 18 years old this year, and I've been playing DotA since I was 10. My first competition was SMM. Starting last year, I began playing Dota 2, and have also been in some competitions since then.

17173: Your team name is Chains Stack, what went into choosing this as your name?

Johnny: Because every time we run a 5-stack with our team in pubs, someone disconnects (note: perhaps he means this 'someone' is Chains, so they named the entire team after him for fun).

17173: ... Your carry's ID is Chains, what's that about?

Johnny: Because he is the number one Tinker in SEA, a fearsome sight to behold.

17173: Number one Tinker in Southeast Asia! Nice, though up to now we haven't actually seen him on Tinker. Instead it's been his Anti-mage that has left us a deep impression. Is Anti-mage one of his favored heroes? Will we ever get to see him on Tinker?

Johnny: His farming abilities are very strong, and item choices are usually correct. If we have a trilane Tinker then we might let him use it. Normally we run a solo mid Tinker, which is for me to play.

17173: Chinese viewers still aren't very familiar with your team, can you introduce your other teammates to us too?

Johnny: Our captain, risk, plays solo hard lane, and he was a former N9 player so he's very experienced. In the support roles are Minerva and LEGENDARY; Minerva is from Indonesia, LEGENDARY and Chains are both from Singapore.

17173: Although your team isn't a professional team, you've still performed excellently in G-1, successively eliminating two Chinese teams. How do you feel you and your team have played so far? What evaluation would you give to your own play?

Johnny: We were able to win because they had just built new rosters, and were still in a build-up period. Plus we executed quite well, and have been training pretty hard lately. In teamfights, there were a few occasions where Dark Seer vacuumed beautifully. I'd give myself a score of 90%, the 10% detraction due to the fact that we still didn't play steadily enough, and still did make mistakes at times.

17173: You guys have shown a lot of potential, any plans to go pro?

Johnny: It's been considered before. During pub games we've also met some Chinese pro teams, and I do want to go to China to play professionally.

17173: The next phase of the Asian portion of G-1 is just about to begin, and your opponent will be one amongst iG, DK, Orange, or This is no doubt a challenge for your team, who do you hope to face more? Any confidence in making it past this?

Johnny: Hmm, I think it should be DK. In terms of confidence, I feel that as long as we do our best then it's okay, after all this is our first major competition.

17173: You've been involved in this G-1 from the very earliest qualification stages, want to make an assessment of the competition as a whole so far?

Johnny: G-1's got a very large prizepool, and has invited a lot of teams. I hope to win the championship; I know that the offline portion of G-1 is very grand, so I really want to go to China.

17173: Alrighty, that's all for this interview. Before we end, anything to say to viewers?

Johnny: I hope that you'll all support our team Chains Stack, and thanks to all our friends in China.







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