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RSnake.Icy G-1 Interview: No reason to stop here





Icy of new team RattleSnake, featuring the veteran likes of LaNm, luo, Kabu, and Neo alongside him, gives an interview talking about G-1, the team, and his insight into playing Gyrocopter... Come read and learn, on the eve of RattleSnake's Group A showdown against MUFC.

17173: Hello Icy, thank you for doing this interview with 17173, say hi to everyone~

Icy: Hi everyone, I am Icy of team RattleSnake.

17173: RSnake has been called "a new team of veterans", can you give us an overview of your teammates?

Icy: My teammates are LaNm, xiaoluo, Kabu, and Neo. Xiaoluo is a creative one, and will often bring out fresh ideas and have us tryy them in training. LaNm has excellent control and understanding over the big picture, while Kabu and Neo are very experienced. I'm pretty pleased to have them as my teammates.

17173: Compared to luo, LaNm, Kabu, and Neo, you're more of a newcomer, plus your role in the team is the relatively important carry role. Does this give you added pressure?

Icy: There's definitely pressure, after all, the carry position's importance goes without saying. But, since they've got confidence in giving this role to me, then I will absolutely not let them down.

17173: In your debut, your team performed admirably. In the first game, you picked Warlock and Gyro, two heroes which are relatively more favored in the European scene. Who is responsible for your team's bans and picks? Is it xiaoluo?

Icy: Bans and picks are done by LaNm; luo is playing the 2 position right now and has said that he needs to really focus on his mechanics.

17173: In Southeast Asia as well as in Europe, Gyrocopter is quite a hot carry hero. Has your team specifically practiced on how to play a team around Gyrocopter? Or was it simply a spur of the moment strategic decision to pick him at the time?

Icy: In training we often use Gyro as our carry. After all, if this hero can become so popular, then he must be a strong hero, so it's worth us learning.

17173: Can you share with us some of your team's lessons learned from playing Gyro? Like item builds, laning, skill builds, etc.

Icy: Gyro, if given good space and team setup for DPS, can choose to go the burst damage route -- in our game we had Warlock, Clockwerk, and Magnus, and were able to very effectively control teamfights and protect Gyro, so I went Shadow Blade, then MKB right after that, focusing in burst damage. On the other hand, if team setup isn't ideal for Gyro to go pure DPS, then choices are things such as Drums, BKB, etc, with the goal being to create that space for yourself. As for skills, definitely max Flak Cannon first, with one point in Homing Missile, and whatever fits your fancy for Rocket Barrage.

17173: The finals for Group A in these qualifiers is today, and your opponents are the Southeast Asian team MUFC. MUFC is considered to be an old-school team that's been around for quite a while on the SEA scene, do you feel that they pose a threat to your team?

Icy: MUFC is an old team with experience, so there's definitely a threat from them. But, we've still got a long way to go, and there's no reason for us to stop here.

17173: Lately there have been quite a few teams making roster changes. This, in addition to various new teams popping up, means that competition domestically is as fierce as it has ever been. How have your team training sessions gone? What is your goal for this year?

Icy: We haven't been together that long, and also haven't participated in that many competitions. It's hard to say right now what we'll manage this year, though our training has seen decent results so far.

17173: Thank you Icy for this interview, we wish you success in advancing from your group!

Icy: And I wish G-1 success in ever improving their competition~







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