Ragnarok Online 2 Beta Date Announced

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Gravity announced the beta date for Ragnarok Online 2. It will begin on April 18, 2013. Players take part in the beta test will get reward.

"Ragnarok players the world over have awaited the coming of Ragnarok 2 for years, and soon they will find the wait was worth it!" said Jason Heimdallr Koerperich, Ragnarok 2 Producer at Gravity Interactive. "The combination of nostalgia with new story and gameplay features is a wonderful thing players will really enjoy whether or not they are familiar with the classic game!"

Register early to participate in several bonus events.

• Characters that particpate in the Beta and get to at least level 10, will have their names reserved for the first 60 days after Launch!
• Participating in the Beta will earn VIP benefit at launch for your character.
• WarpPortal citizens that have both a Ragnarok 1 and pre-Register for Ragnarok 2 will receive a special Ragnarok Devoted prize* in both games!
• Register before April 2, and get 3 entries into our Grab Bag of Prizes Drawing!

* There will likely be an IP block for regions that already have RO2 or might get their own versions of the game in the future. If you live in South-East Asia, you might want to check out the Asiasoft version instead.


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