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TongFu.Mu Pre-G-1 Interview: We want to beat Zenith





TongFu at last year's WCG in Kunshan, China

In this interview with TongFu's solo player Mu, he gives us his hopes for G-1, shares some of his unique insight into the solo position, and more. A well thought-out interview all in all.

17173: Thanks Mu for doing this interview with us at 17173. Say hi to everyone~

Mu: Hi everyone, I am TongFu's Mu.

17173: TongFu has just made roster changes, bringing in yAobAi and banana. Have you gathered to train offline yet? How have the results been lately?

Mu: Indeed, we've already gathered together offline. The team's switched two people, and at first we had some adjusting to do, but after a period of warming up, we've made some progress.

17173: yAobAi was an old teammate of yours from PanDa, so you're sure to have a good understanding with him already. Can you talk a bit about banana, give us your views on his traits as a player?

Mu: Well, DotA and Dota 2 are still different games, and there are still some things that differ between the two, so even though yAobAi was a teammate, this is our first time partnering up in Dota 2. As for banana, he's a veteran now, and he's very experienced in the support role.

17173: Rumors earlier claimed that Veronica, after leaving the team, could retire. Can you reveal to us anything here?

Mu: This I'm not too clear on, I hadn't heard him talk about that before.

17173: In this Season 5 of the G-1 Champions League, your team has been put into group D, and you're very likely to match up against Zenith for the chance at progressing. Within their ranks are iceiceice, and Yamateh; a very strong side. If you really do face them in the group finals, how much confidence do you have in succeeding?

Mu: Recently we have had practice scrims with Zenith, but because of upcoming matches, I feel like both sides did not show everything they had, so what we may have seen was more like a smoke bomb, nothing solid. Thus I can only say that we'll do our best to win, and we definitely do have our chances.

17173: In the last G-1, your team failed to progress to the offline portion. With a new roster this year, what is your team goal?

Mu: First we're aiming to make it to the offline portion, and after that we'll gun for a good final result.

17173: This G-1 features a greater prize pool than any other, totaling over 400,000 RMB. Do you have any opinions or suggestions to share with us?

Mu: The G-1 Champions League is an excellent competition. It has humorous commentary, good scheduling, and now with an even higher prize pool, it can be counted as a top tier domestic competition. Definitely worth anticipating for fans and players alike.

17173: Your solo skills are recognized amongst other pros as being top tier, how about you share some of your solor experience and techniques with us~

Mu: The solo role is actually quite hard to describe in terms of how exactly to go play it. The standard last-hitting, pressuring, and rune control are things that all people know. A lot of small details and the like are things that can only be accumulated over time, things that allow the player to analyze and make the right choices and ultimately execute properly. If you wish to raise your own solo skills, the best way is to practice more, put more into practice, and then summarize weaknesses to improve on. And then sometimes, the actual hero matchup determines who has the upper hand as well.

17173: What is your favorite solo hero then? In the current version and metagame, which heroes are most suited to the solo mid role?

Mu: I favor Queen of Pain, Night Stalker, Batrider -- heroes that can dictate the tempo of the game. I think those heroes that dictate in early and mid-game, while still remaining relevant given the right items in late-game, are the ones that are most suited to the solo mid role. Though nowadays teams have lots of varying styles, sometimes even seeing a 2v2 in mid, so in those cases it depends on the situation more.

17173: Thank you Mu-god for doing our interview, we look forward to seeing your new roster in action~

Mu: Thank you to the fans for their support, thanks to our sponsors TongFu Foods, and I hope G-1 continues growing and improving.







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