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VG.CTY Pre-G-1 Interview: Working together with ZSMJ

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17173: Thank you CTY for accepting 17173's interview. As is the norm, please say hi to all the readers~
CTY: Hi everyone, I am VG's CTY.

17173: Dota 2 players all know, VG's players are frequently featured on first page live games. How long is your daily training regimen? How many pub games do you play every day?
CTY: Our training normally goes from 2PM in the afternoon to 12AM at night. Usually if there's no other team to train with, we just practice laning, and watch replays. In our extra time, we stack together to go play pubs.

17173: Did you guys regroup right after the Chinese New Year holiday? Any specific training for G-1 Champions League?
CTY: We have a pretty serious approach to each and every competition. For G-1, we increased our training intensity, and the hope is that we can advance from our group.

17173: Not long ago, ZSMJ joined your club. Here at 17173 we also sent his team an invite to G-1 Champions League Season 5, but due to not having completed his roster yet, he declined to participate. Can you reveal to us any details on this VG second team?
CTY: The second team is currently still undergoing a trial period, with the goal being to have everything ready soon. The actual roster will be announced shortly, once the trial period concludes.

17173: You and ZSMJ both play the same position -- main carry. Do you guys ever exchange insight carry experiences and ideas?
CTY: He and I often watch each other's first person replays, and discuss playstyles and builds and techniques for heroes.

17173: What are your favorite carry heroes?
CTY: My favorites are Shadow Fiend and Anti-Mage.

17173: Your team has been put into the same group as powerhouse LGD.int. In normal training with them, how has it been? How much confidence do you have of advancing from your group?
CTY: In training we lose some, win some, but lose a bit more. As for confidence, we have to see how we perform. We'll do our best to be the ones to advance.

17173: This is VG's first participation in the G-1 Champions League, do you have any opinions or suggestions to share with us?
CTY: G-1's prize pool grows every year, so it's definitely an enticing draw to us professional players. In terms of actual suggestions, my hope is that the commentators can be a bit more professional; when watching matches in the Dota 2 client, voice audio sometimes cuts out.

17173: This'll conclude the interview, we wish you guys good luck~
CTY: Appreciate it, 17173. And thanks goes out as well to all those behind the scenes esports workers.


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