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KingJ Pre-G-1 Interview: Carry for For.Love





Left to Right: KingJ, X!!, 820, AAA, 357 and DC (Picture from GosuGamer)

After having been out of the spotlight for what seems like a long time, well-known player KingJ has returned to our view after joining For.Love. In upcoming G-1 Champions League matches, he'll be playing with his new team, let's all take a look at what he's been up to lately!

17173: Thank you to KingJ for doing this interview, go ahead and say hi to everyone first~

KingJ: Hi everyone, I am KingJ. Haven't shown myself for quite a while~~

17173: There weren't any official announcements earlier, so it could be said that you and Zippo have joined For.Love 'mysteriously', can you reveal to us the details behind this? Was it an invitation from FL?

KingJ: Yes, FL manager Kaka contacted me via phone, and then it was while I was playing online with them afterwards that I found out that Zippo had also joined.

17173: You are widely recognized as a great all-around player, able to play any role. What role will you be playing in FL?

KingJ: They lack a main carry, so I'm currently working hard to get up to speed on what a carry should be doing in this version, and then applying my own understanding to it.

17173: Your last public appearance was at WCG, right? In the time since, apart from playing Dota, what have you been up to?

KingJ: Recuperating from a stomach illness. After returning from TI2, EHOME disbanded, and I had received offers from a few teams, but during that time my illness was rather severe, and I was often bedridden with convulsing pains. In that time, I also played some online games.

17173: Have you and your new team started offline training? How is the teamwork and understanding coming along?

KingJ: We've been at it for about three days now. The teamwork is average at the moment. Mainly we're trying to work out suitable playstyles and drafts for the five players we have.

17173: You and Zippo are both experienced veterans, while FL's other three players can be considered newcomers. What do you feel are the biggest contributions you and Zippo can bring to the team? In terms of experience?

KingJ: I think sometimes it's tempering their rush to go for a kill on someone, because we've found that sometimes after getting one kill, they'll notice another enemy low on health, and they'll get impulsive and want to go for it. And as we all know, facing experienced teams, you can't gank them to death.

17173: In the G-1 Champions League, you and new team RisingStars have both been put into group B. Have you ever trained with them? Any confidence in securing a spot out of the group?

KingJ: We haven't trained with them, but a while ago, I spectated some of their matches. As for whether we can advance, we'll have to see how we perform~

17173: This is a new For.Love, what's your approach right now?

KingJ: Play each game well, focus first on advancing from group.

17173: Thank you to KingJ for the interview, we wish your new team success in your debut!

KingJ: Thank you G-1 for the interview!







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