PAX EAST 2013 Preview: Top 5 Highly Anticipated New MMOs

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Every year, thousands of gamers flood in Boston to enjoy a grand banquet, PAX East. This is a great party for all gamers. With a pool of games, events and panels in the three days(from March 22nd to 24th ,2013), do you have a map in mind for what to see? Here I list five most anticipated MMO to be showcased at PAX EAST 2013 for you to keep an eye.

1. The Elder Scrolls Online  at Booth #912

March 22, 9 am, 11am, 1 pm, 3 pm; March 23, 10 am, 12am, 2 pm, 4 pm;  

Didn't get a beta key for The Elder Scrolls Online? Go to PAX EAST. The Elder Scrolls Online team is inviting you cordially to take part in their festiva in Boston. The Elder Scrolls Online will be playable at PAX East.

It is impossible for The Elder Scrolls Online team gives up this perfect opportunity to promote their games. At PAX East, they located at the Bethesda booth (number 912), equipped the world best hardware for fans to try the demo of The Elder Scrolls. I do not know what the new feature and content of The Elder Scrolls they prepare for gamers at PAX East. But it is no doubt that should be an excited one. And besides this, they are also ready to answer any question you want to know, talking about the mechanism, the graph and the animation in games face to face with fans. At the same time, if you do not mind, you can wear a free ouroboros t-shirt of ESO, to be a free moving billboard for them. And also, they prepare some other show-exclusive ESO items and three purchasable Alliance t-shirts.

And from the earlier news, ESO also prepares some special and delicious food for you at PAX East. So, enjoy it and forget about the boring mundane.

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