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LaNm Pre-G-1 Interview





We got LaNm, of former EHOME fame, current RattleSnake player, to talk a bit about his new team, his thoughts on G-1 League Season 5, and more.

Q: Hello, LaNm. It's really been a long time since we last met, go ahead and say hi to everyone.

LaNm: Long time no see; hello everyone.

Q: This iteration of G-1 League features what can be said to be your team RattleSnake's public debut, can you introduce us to your team? Whose idea was it in the start to create a new team and continue on in Dota2?

LaNm: We've just gathered together for offline practice for a few days. The original idea wasn't any on person, it was everyone still wanting to play on professionally so we came together. Afterwards, we found a suitable sponsor, and thus logically progressed to the next step of forming a team and participating in competitions.

Q: Since officially forming the team, you guys haven't really shown yourselves in any competitions, so what have you all been busy with during that time?

LaNm: Everyone was busy with the holiday (Chinese New Year) and wrapping up some personal things, so we hadn't been able to gather until now. It was only recently, for the G-1 League, that we rushed together in order to prepare for the competition.

Q: Your team has been dubbed "the veterans' new team". Can you introduce to us the players and positions in the team?

LaNm: We're all indeed old veterans. In Rsnake, I will be playing the 3 position, Luo the 2 position, Icy the carry, with Kabu and NEO on support.

Q: Your opponents in the first round are team GiZmo, a relatively unknown team. Do you have confidence in 2-0ing them?

LaNm: We haven't trained for more than a few days yet, so nothing is easy to say. If we perform steadily then I think it'll be either us or MUFC advancing on.

Q: At TI2, your Tiny left us all with a massive impression, will we see you on Tiny again in the games later today?

LaNm: Because my position has changed, this probably won't happen. If the conditions allow it, it's still possible, but the chances are slim.

Q: Yesterday, G-1 League revealed their schedule and prizepool details, do you have any opinions or suggestions?

LaNm: G-1 has always been the competition with the best reputation amongst average fans and viewers; as long as the schedule is done well, the viewer experience is polished, then everything should be good.

Q: We want to ask an off-topic question here -- your biographical blog entries (translated in full on Dotaland) recently affected many fans and readers deeply, are you able to update us on the conclusion of the story yet?

LaNm: This is something I won't reveal for now, it's a secret.

Q: Thank you to LaNm for the interview, we look forward to amazing spectacle from you!

LaNm: Thank you everyone, I hope you will all support RattleSnake.







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