Real Racing 3 (iOS) Review

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Real Racing 3

As one of the world's largest video game developers and publishers, free-to-play means a lot to EA. The company announced F2P Real Racing 3 for iOS platform in February and shocked the mobile gaming market hardly. Now the game has been available for a while and proven to be a hit — the downloads of Real Racing 3 in the first week surpassed the total downloads of Real Racing and Real Racing 2. Besides, 25 million races are played each day, according to EA.

Real Racing 3

Top notch graphics

Real Racing 3 had a wonderful start. EA and Firemonkey announced the game last summer, and then they showed the world how amazing the game was by running it on iPhone 5. When you play the actual game, you won't be disappointed. Compared with Need for Speed: Most Wanted Online (I mean the mobile version), I think Real Racing 3's graphics is more naturally realistic and it reminds of me Need for Speed 11 and Need for Speed: Shift. As a simulator-like racing game, Real Racing 3's car has incredible model and crazy amount of details, which makes in-car view really fun.

To be honest, the overall environment is a little bit simple, but the tracks are well made in terms of visual effect. Physically, Real Racing 3 is acceptable, with a damage system and nice particle effect. Personally, I think some clash effects look weird, especially when the car clashes on the wall.

Real Racing 3

Easy to learn, and not hard to master

I prefer don't call the game a racing sim because it's accessible for almost everyone. There are several assisted control features that help new players to brake and make a turn. When you turn on all the assisted settings, you can keep your cars on the track without breaking a sweat. The cost is you will miss the fun of driving, so when you get familiar with the game, you should turn off the assisted functions and handle the wheel by yourself.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is still a mobile game and it's not like DiRT or Test Drive Unlimited. If you spend some time practicing, you will find out that it's all about timing. Brake at the right time and make a turn at the right time is essential, although each car has a slightly different timing. Since taking shortcut won't be punished, it becomes a special trick in this game. Basically, driving off the track will dramatically slow down your car. However, you will still gain advantage if you do it in U-turns.


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