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6-Year-Old Boy Spent His Father’s 8-Year WoW Savings on Pets

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World of Warcraft Pet

A WoWer from China posted a thread called "The One Minute Consumption Ability of My 6-Year-Old Son" on the official World of Warcraft forums and splashed hundreds of comments.
The father wrote that his 6-year-old son spent his 8-year savings in Wolrd of Warcraft which is more than 476,000 gold in just one minute. He felt very upset and decided to be "away from the keyboard forever".
According to the father, the tragedy occurred when he was using the bathroom—he left with the auction interface unclosed. And his son used his father's account to purchase several level 25 pets by using his gold and sent those pets to his own account. (The son himself has a level 47 account and is very into pets.) Because the little boy didn't know how to use the auction system, he just purchased the most expensive ones which are on the top. Now the pathetic father only have 106 gold left in his account. 

Other players conveyed their sympathy to him. One player "Zongyu" commented that her daughter who was also 6 years spent 1,200 dollars on Happy Farm on her iPad. 

Keep an eye on your pocket everyone, for that your kid could be the biggest thief.

Source: 6龄童迷WOW宠物 偷上爸爸账号花光八年"积蓄

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