Recommended Mobile Games 2P in Spring 2013 (Part 3)

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Recommended Mobile Games 2P

I am wondering to recommend some of the latest released and updated ios mobile games in spring and it might help you out if you're looking for another decent game to get hands on.

Nameless: the Hackers

Nameless the Hackers

An RPG / Adventure Game based on Social Engineering, Conspiracy and Computer Science with Anime themed characters. Join the Nameless Hackers as they find themselves deep in a world conspiracy and try to prevent the world from becoming compromised!

  • Dynamic Turn-Based
  • Deep Hacker Story Lore
  • 12+ Hours of Gameplay
  • Unique Stat Progression with Collectables
  • 30+ Custom Music Tracks
  • Original Anime Characters
  • Intuitive Touch-Based UI

Updated: Mar 13, 2013
Seller: BoxCat LLC © BoxCat LLC
Price: $1.99

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iOS, Strategy, Race, Recommended Mobile Games, Exclusive

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