Battle Arena Comes to Age of Wushu with Last CBT on April 10

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Launching out of the last closed beta on April 10th, Age of Wushu will be opening another new feature to the game, the Battlefield/Battle Arena which is an exciting chance for some simple team based dueling for EXP and more. The PvP arena will be a great place to test your skills in a confined space, and improve your strategies for the more open and deadly world outside the arena.

Age of Wushu screenshot

There will be two modes that players can select to take part in. The first is the Power Competition, a point based mode that scores teams for the kills that they have made. The other is Death Mode a faster and more intense scenario that is simple, No respawns and No time limit. The last team standing at the end of Death Mode is the victor.

Age of Wushu screenshot


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