Brand New Blizzard Project at PAX EAST, Guess What?





We've been working on a little something, different from our other games, and we're pleased to invite you to be the first to see it. It's not a sequel, expansion, or that rumored next-gen MMO, but it's something we're excited for you to get your hands on.

Two weeks ago, many game media, including us, received a mysterious invitation from blizzard, claimed that they would provide a new project at PAX East 2013. Although Blizzard always keeps mysterious on its game development process, all their announcements have been carried out step-by-step. For example, you can expect that there must be a blockbuster news release in November at BlizzCon 2013. It may be the Diablo III expansion or the new title Titan. So in such an unconventional time and at such an exhibition show an unconventional project is rare in Blizzard's history. We can imagine Blizzard fans' curiosity. And all kinds of speculations are spread on the internet. But as the saying goes, walls have ears. Although Blizzard's secrecy is unusually rigorous, they still left some traces. So let's start to look for the truth.

Speculation 1: Diablo III for PS3/PS4

Blizzard announced in February that "Diablo III is Coming to PlayStation3 and PlayStation4". They also told us players will be able to enjoy Diablo III for PS3 and PS4 at PAX East 2013.

"The PS3 version of Diablo III will make its public debut at PAX East in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from March 22–24, and attendees of the convention will be some of the first to defend the world of Sanctuary via handheld controllers."

Therefore, many people said the "little something" must be the Diablo III for PS3 and PS4, it was just a trick of Blizzard. However, a representative clarified to Polygon that the "new Blizzard project" alluded to in the invitation was not Diablo III, despite the Diablo imagery used in the invitation.

Speculation 2: Project Blackstone

Blizzard registered "" caused a wide range of speculations at the end of last year, from the World of Warcraft expansion to Project Titan. While in February, the web page is decoded, seems to be just to propagandize Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Speculation 3: SC2: Phoenix or Starcraft: Ghost

In a leaked Blizzard product slate picture we saw SC2: Phoenix for the first time. Many people think the SC2: Phoenix and the shooter Starcraft: Ghost are the same thing. A number of fans are looking forward the game will be debut at PAX EAST this year. But I guess most of them will be disappointed. You will know why in the below analysis.

Speculation 4: Blizzard Allstar

During a recent Reddit AMA Game director Dustin Browser revealed they were already working on the missions, storyline, and scripts of Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void. Most of the team that worked on Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm have already moved over to working on Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void. Just some of those artists have been rerouted to work on another upcoming project, Blizzard All-stars. So the development and the preparation of Blizzard All-stars still haven't reached the demand of Blizzard itself. Blizzard would not roll out it ceremoniously at PAX EAST 2013.







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