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Schedule of G-1 Champions League

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Today, the schedule of G-1 League is announced and the first phase of the Asian Prelims is steaming on G1.2P.com by LD. The first 8 teams will be qualified to join the next knockout stage, facing another 8 invited teams from Asia. And the 2nd phase will be streaming on 19th March.

G1-League Open Qualifier in Phase 1

G1-League Open Qualifier

Click to enlarge. Thanks Tuski for making this awesome bracket page.

Schedule of G-1 Champions League

- Phase 1
Start Time: 6:00 on 16th March
Top 8 teams will be qualified out of 32 teams in two days, from 16th March to 17th March.
Check the streaming free on Steam.

- Phase 2
Start Time: 19th March
8 teams will be qualified out of 16 teams in this knockout stage, from 19th March to 24th March.
Need ticket to watch the streaming or check the official exclusive streaming page on G1.2P.com

- Phase 3
Start Time: TBA
8 teams will be divided into 2 groups, the top 1 in each group will be qualified to participate in the final of G-1.

- Phase 4
Start Time: TBA
Euro Prelims. The details will be announced at a later time.

- Phase 5
Start Time: TBA
All the teams qualified into this phase will be invited to China. The details is to be announced at a later time.

Invited Teams in Phase 2

Singapore Zenith
Malaysia MUFC
China TongFu
Europe LGD.Int
China Vici Gaming
China For.Love
China Rising Stars
China Rattlesnake

Invited Teams in Phase 3

Malaysia Orange
China LGD.cn
China DK
China iG


G-1 Champions League

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