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Announcement: We are sorry to announce the termination of this event, due to the small number of participants. Please pay more attention to other events on Thank you!

Is the Builder enough? Is it too long to upgrade? Is it too boring to train military? Or do you want to enhance the defense and attack capability of your town in Clash of Clans? Come and vie the 37,500 Clash of Clans gems in the event of's showing off Layouts of Clash of Clans. It not only supplies an opportunity to achieve sweet awards, plenty of gens, but also offers you a chance to go down in history as the creator of Champion of Layout, and makes a parade of your intelligence to opponents.

Process of Event:

1. Register an account in To the one not playing Clash of Clans before, you can take part in the Clash of Clans in our community, playing with our editors. (Name:, Minimum trophies required: 400).

2. We offer two options for you to participate in our event.

  • Plan A: Upload your layout, and explain the details.
    Format :
    Types of Layout (Three titles are offered in this event: Protect Trophies, Protect Resource, Creative Layout)
    ① Introduction to your layout
    ② Advantage
    ③ Weakness

Sample: Clash of Clan Layout: Protect Trophies

How to Copy Pictures from Your iPhone to Your Computer

Firstly, plug in your iPhone to your computer using the USB data cable. Windows will detect your iPhone and ask you what actions you'd like to take:

Secondly, click 'Open device to view files'.

You'll find the screenshots you saved at the bottom of "xxx's iPhone" as the image shows above. Notice, the '965YOKDJ' seems to be a random name, just follow the steps above you can find the name of screenshots in the last file.

At last, you can copy the screenshots you need from your iPhone and paste them into anyplace in your computer, but please don't minimize the window of your iPhone while pasting, or you may fail to paste them into.

  • Plan B : Upload your layout, and record a video to explain your layout, which will upload to the youtube and paste your video address in the article.

3. "Like" in your Facebook, and post your article address in any of your social platform. You are encouraged to tell your friends about this event and invite them to support your layout.

4. Period of Event: From March the 14th to April the 15th.

5. will announced the selected Best Three for each types of layout on April 20th, after the editors grading every layout posted in our website. Then the players would vote for the Champion of Layout for three individual types from the 9 Best Three layouts. The final result will be announced on April 25th.


Protect Trophies Best 6500gems
Protect Resource Best 6500gems
Most Creative Layout 6500gems
Other Best Three 3000gems

The 6 Best Three players (except the three players who win the Champion of Layout) would receive 3000 gems each, and the three Champion of Layout players would receive 6500 gems each. The reward would be sent to the account of each winner within a week after this event ends. The 6 Best Five players and 3 Champion of Layout winners should contact with our staff at to redeem.







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