​Dauntless Beginner Guide Part 1: I'm a Hunter, but Just Discovered It





Hi everyone, Dezart (Or Masterseek) here with you again.

Dauntless has been a real mix of feelings. From frustration to awe. I really hope the game does well in the future, that they fix all the issues before adding new content... and to follow that wish I decided to write a "little" guide to help all those people who have not played a Monster Hunter DNA game in their lives.

It may also be helpful for those who have... However I'll be talking to those who don't know much about this genre, so keep it in mind.

NOW, to start... what is Dauntless?  

Well, Dauntless means to be fearless and determined, so it kind of makes sense for it  to be the name of the Co-op action RPG for PC developed by Phoenix labs. 

The aesthetics are timeless. Graphically it won't ask much of your computer and right now is a really casual game. You won't earn or lose anything if you stop playing, so you can enjoy your time, leave it there then come back all fresh to continue you hunts.

BUT, there is one point I have to make clear: Dauntless is not an MMO. With that I mean you won't find hundreds of players hunting the same behemoth. There are no raids of 10-30 players either. In fact, the biggest group will be you and three more hunters. 

You may find lots of players in town though.

So, before this becomes a review instead of a guide, I'll start giving you useful information about:

Hunting and Crafting.

Lore speaking, the behemoths are vicious creatures who are eating away the primary planet's resource: the Aether. Which makes them even more dangerous because of their Aether strengthened attributes: extra hard skin, extra sharp fangs, extra fire, extra ice, extra...

You get where I'm going right?

So is no surprise that the best weapons against them are the behemoths themselves... or what's left of them. That's where the Hunting and Crafting enters the scene: everytime you hunt one successfully, you'll recieve a few material drops and an Aether core.

The material drops come once the behemoth is killed. They will depend on probability and if any of the behemoth's body parts were broken enough times to award an certain piece.

An Aether core is a little capsule which contains from just a few things to a great deal of that behemoth's materials depending on the rarity of the core: from common to Epic.

(I don't know if there is a Legendary rarity. If so please correct me)

So what to do with your materials? If you've done the mission of hunting a certain behemoth, you'll get recipes to craft its armour (some doesn't), its weapon and its lantern (sometimes).

As a hunter, these are indispensable tools to be able to survive any encounter. Which is why it is our top priority to keep them upgraded and at the level of what we are hunting.

So, Where do you craft your equipment?

Well, you need to go to this girl in order to craft armour:

A whole set of armour is composed of a helm, upper part, gloves and boots. Apart from the base resistance stat (Defense, not too much to explain here), every Behemoth's gives different stats called Aspects. They are diverse in order to fit all playstyles.  

Armour parts can be upgraded, which means they will give you more resistance and even more aspects points sometimes. Of course, you'll need more materials, but you can click on "details" in order to see what will you get in higher upgrade tiers to judge if it is worth or not.

Next, weapons. They can be crafted with this guy:

Right now there are four kinds: the sword, the Gunhammer, the Axe and the Chainblades. All of them have their own playstyle, but right now I'll cover only the crafting part.

There is one note to have in mind though. Despite being derived from the same behemoth, not all weapons ask for the same materials. This applies to their upgrades too. However, unlike armour crafting, you can't see how a weapon escalates. It would be a nice addition in my opinion, as some have a lower initial damage yet they become really good, outshining the ones who were better at the start.

And then comes lanterns. You can craft them with this guy:

The first question which some of you may have... What can a lantern do against a giant killing beast? Well, for starters it can't blind them. No, lanterns are for you and your teammates use. Depending on what kind of lantern  you are carrying, you will be able to heal, grant resistance, shields... and they also grant a passive base resistance and aspects to complete your set.

They cannot be upgraded, yet crafting them various times may result in a better lantern, as the quality is random. They are not usually hard to craft anyway and he is also able to craft some behemoth's materials needed for them.

Finally, lanterns function on a charge basis. They become full by damaging a behemoth or... reaching an Aether source (Fissures on the ground emanating a blue/green glow out of them) to heal yourself.

Now, in order to cover everything that can be crafted I'll also mention some items which need materials that can't be found in a Behemoth's body or Aether core. No, these resources are scattered across the islands and you need to look for them while on a hunt.

(They should add a gathering mission though. Some materials can only be found at a certain time or in the middle of a certain weather/ecosystem, which makes them tedious to gather. Is really fun killing to arrive at an island, see that is not the map you need and having to relog or suicide in order to enter another one)

The items I'm talking about are airship support flares, which can be crafted with this guy:

And they can do a variety of things, like ask for health packs or to find resources surrounding you.

Finally, there is this other guy who you'll probably meet first, who can craft potions!

From health to berserk potions. You'll find everything you need... as long as you are far enough in the game. You'll get missions which will unlock different potions. There will be Major healing potions, stamina potions which increase your source regeneration, Resistance potions which grants you an increased defence against a certain kind of damage...

I think I covered everything which there is to craft. I'll write consecutives guide parts to cover the weapons and the rest.

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