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To do Immense Damage! Age of Wushu Details Rage Skill

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Age of Wushu screenshot

Players can choose multiple different skills and abilities to take into any situation. Swords, barehanded, Hidden Weapons, etc. are at the disposal of every Wushu Master. Each set of skills comes with a powerful table turner that incorporates a special meter, Rage.

The Rage meter, located beneath a player's Health will fill the more attacks that are blocked in a battle. Exiting a battle will clear the rage built and a player successfully feints your blocks, you will lose Rage. There are other manners and even skills that can help build a player's rage over the course of a fight. When the Rage meter is filled to a particular limit, a player can now unleash the Rage skill in their skill bar. Some skills require full rage, while others just a little.


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