Card Fight!! Vanguard - CRAY WARS Launched on Android

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On March 12nd, Card Fight!! Vanguard - CRAY WARS was launched on Android. CRAY WARS is a game that allows 20 players to play RPG card game online at the same time, and Bushiroad plans to release it on iOS in the coming future.

The game is set in a planet that is very similar with Earth, CRAY, where the gods, demons, dragons and goblins coexist together, and in the game world, the science is co-developed with magic. In the game, the whole planet is controlled by six various countries which dominated their individual continents, among which, players can choose one country from the available four optional countries to adventure.

In the adventure, you can enter into the buildings or facilities located on the continent, inside of which, you can play maze exploration. According to the result of dice, you can move forward with random numbers. And simultaneously, you may or may not encounter some enemies or evil dragons, which you have to fight again to survive.

Beside this, on the way to the destination of adventure, you have to answer several puzzles to continue the plot.

The game adopts auto-battle mode, in which you do not have to remember the boring rules, and players can achieve their own role card through combing different cards together and upgrade the character’s skills.

The studio also designs territorial battle for gamers. In the game, four countries are divided into two groups, who would combat with each other in one map. The battle supports 20 players online at the same time. The final winner can occupy this land and carry out exploration and development. This mode is available every Saturday and Sunday.


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