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Black Desert

The giant sandbox MMORPG Black Desert, which debut in September 2012, attracted millions of players’ attention because of its tremendous contents and splendid images. CEO of PearlAbyss which is the developer of Black Desert, Mr. Dae-Il Kim, is gradually, from hiding behind the stage, entering into the vision of gamers, developers and journalists. As a previously developer of C9, Mr. Kim is growing into a executor within twelve years. How could he achieve this success in such a right time, not too long or too short and meanwhile, people would doubt what is the background philosophy that cause the birth of Black Desert?

Bearing these questions in mind, as a journalist of, I ordered an exclusive interview with Mr. Kim, who narrated the process of his game development and starting an company.

1. The first time into the game development industry, launched R2 and C9

In February 2000, Mr. Kim began his development of Online Games officially. Since his childhood, he has been fascinated in PC video games or arcade games. Due to the high demand of online game market, and also because the characteristics of MMORPG, "in the huge game world, it can include all kinds of gaming system and playing style", to be a developer of online game would have a high probability to success. For this is the first time he involving into the game development industry, he was led under his idols, Father of FPS John Carmack and Father of Mario Shigeru Miyamoto, and directed by the philosophy of enthusiasm, hard work and honesty.

During the beginning of his career, he developed large MMORPGs such as R2 and C9. In the development of R2, he paid attention in balance of the game, the goal of his designing was developing Clan Wars and Siege which can run smoothly on the PC. And in the development of C9, what made him proud is, the first time in history, he fulfilled unique actions that marked by his print, however, he is so regret that because of the time constraint, the whole action system could not be completely developed.


2. initiated a company all by himself, be a shining pearl in the abyss

It is so regret that the action system of C9 could not be completed within the limited time, so Mr. Kim decided to develop a completed game. In order to free himself from the constraint of time and funding, he left NHN Games without second thought. Simultaneously, he started his own company "PearlAbyss", and realized deeply in his mind that he could not achieve success all by himself. He concerned about how to attract talented developers into his career.

In 2010, his company "PearlAbyss" was heard around the game field. In order to make outsider understand his ideology of opening a company named "PearlAbyss", he set forth that the word "Abyss" was brought up by director and product manager of company Yong-Shu See, and basing on conception, Mr. Kim added "Pearl" in the title, which exactly reflected his tastes and values on game. And this is the background philosophy of this company – "Shining Pearls in Abyss".

However, the entrepreneurial path is arduous. Just like the pioneering developers Jake Song, Father of Lineage and creator of ArcheAge, and Kim Hakkyu, Creator of Ragnarok Online, Mr. Kim has to address the most difficult part of his career – designing a popular game. From the beginning "designing engine" to the later "source code management", so many processes of game development need to be addressed by him. He spent a large amount of time bringing the development into the right track, which is the hardest part to issue a success game.

However, he, although has already transformed from a developer to an executor, still concerned the game development process. In his dictionary, no matter anytime anywhere, he hopes players can obtained some kind of fulfillment or exciting from the game developed by his company, because, he think, if players can immerse in a game for a long time without tiring or boring, this game can be defined as a successful game and definitely popular among the players, not even mentioned the revenue of this game.

Mr. Dae-Il Kim PearlAbyss
(Mr. Dae-Il Kim in GStar 2012, Korea - Photo by Cabulous)

3. From the Battle to the War, the birth of Black Desert

In 2012, Black Desert ,developed by PearlAbyss, was open to the public officially. A large amount of players globally concerned about his game. Black Desert first show was in Japan, because this is the country where Mr. Kim’s former masterpiece C9 achieve huge success, and also he was confident with the C9’s Operator GameOn.

Besides Mr. Kim, plenty of former designers, engineers of C9 are also participated in the development of Black Desert. In the Black Desert, it is featured by "it not only a battle but a war actually", and combining with the characteristic of action and beaten. Meanwhile, designers also considered adding some culture and intelligence element to further the content of game, making it last long and full of smart and witness.

In the process of Black Desert development, housing system triggered him so much. In Black Desert, most of the houses not only allow players entering into, but have a unique address also. This small feature greatly increases the reality feeling of players, making him immersing in the virtual game world.

4. "Sangokushi XI" is his favorite, Impressed by China Online Game

Game developer aside, Mr. Kim is a diehard player also. In so many games, he named "A Fistful of Dollars: Redemption"," Sangokushi XI" as his favorites.

He presented that he played the Chinese Online Game on ChinaJoy platform. The completeness of "Dragon Oath" really impressed him and at the same time, "Journey of Fairland", launched on Korea, is doing quite well in terms of system, plot and image. He admitted that China is the largest online game market in the world.






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