Dragon's Prophet Tours You through the Starting Zone Bakra

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Dragon's Prophet

SOE's upcoming MMORPG Dragon's Prophet will feature gigantic dragons and gorgeous areas. The publisher just released details about two starting areas Bakra and Satuma. Bakra is an island where wolfmen, trolls, wild dragons, and goblins live in.

You can read details about Satuma at our previous article.

Located in northern Auratia, Bakra has been affected both environmentally and sociologically by the First Dragon War, with much of the region shattered by a spectacular fight between two legendary dragons. Steep gorges, gigantic waterfalls, and once-mighty cities have fallen to ruin among the zone's grasslands and forests. The island can be divided into five areas and features three bustling cities; each considered centers for trade and mining.

Dragon's Prophet

The mining town of Fatoia serves as an important junction for the metal industry, since mineral ores are not only mined but also distributed and traded. With its airships and cable cars that haul both goods and passengers, Fatoia has steadily become a key hub for transport and trade. In Siberna, townsfolk have flawlessly adjusted to the quiet rigors of mining life; however, nearby Omati Gorge poses a threat to Siberna with its multitude of deserted mining pits, which are now inhabited by wild dragons.

Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet is free-to-play MMORPG that allows you to capture, train and ride various types of dragons. The game targets at action fans with action-based combat system.

Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet


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