Destiny Teases Three Classes in New Concept Art

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(From left to right: Hunter, Warlock and Titan)

Bungie's next-gen shooter Destiny is a persistent online world with incredible graphics, powerful foes, customizable weapons, gear, and vehicles, and co-op/competitive multiplayer experience. It seems that the game will give players a lot of freedom but it also features a set of classes. In the latest concept art, the developer unveiled three classes of the game.

Hunter, Warlock and Titan, Bungie just gave the name and the concept art, and based on the appearance, I can speculate that Hunter will be fast and agile, and Titan definitely has heavy armor and firepower. But Warlock is my favorite one here because he got a bot as companion.

Now, Destiny can be preordered on Gamestop, Bestbuy, Amazon, etc.


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