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Age of Wushu Unveils Meridian System for Official Release

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The official release of Age of Wushu is set to be launched on April 10th. Along with all the unlimited time, players will also be able to access the Meridian System. The Meridian System is a completely new method of cultivation and growing in game. It is based on Ancient Chinese beliefs of the flowing of Chi through the body, a belief that is directly related to modern day acupuncture. In-game, accessing and breaking through these channels allow the player boost abilities even more than normal cultivation. Breaking through more channels and mastering more meridians can not only boost abilities, but also change the way player's set up skills altogether.

There are nine meridians that can be accessed in total. One is a Jianghu method Meridian that is not defined to the sets of one particular school, while the other eight are learned as the Internal Skills of that school are learned. The Qi Gathering in Tanden meridian unlocks the first accupoint when the Self Recollection Internal Skill hits Level 20. School based meridians open different accupoints as you learn more tiers of Internal Skills from that school. Since a player can learn the Internal skills of different schools a player can unlock all the meridians overtime.

Age of Wushu screenshot

Cultivating a Meridian requires Chi. Chi can only be collected through continuous battles. Players select the Meridian that they wish to "level-up" then begin to pool chi together through constant fighting and combat. Because of the added bonuses that a player can gain from the cultivation of Meridians, they can prove to be a mighty vantage in a battle with someone of slightly stronger basic skills.

Age of Wushu screenshot


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