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KingsRoad Enters Open Beta

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kingsroad - art

KingsRoad is a free browser-based online RPG which is in open beta now. The game is set in the troubled lands of Aderstone and players can defeat the foul villains to save a world. 

Rumble Entertainment, a developer and publisher dedicated to creating groundbreaking premium free-to-play games, has opened the highly anticipated action role-playing game (RPG) KingsRoad to all adventurers across Facebook and web browsers.

kingsroad - map

kingsroad battling

kingsroad characters

Greg Richardson, CEO, Rumble Entertainment said that they have been pouring their hearts into reshaping what players can expect from a Facebook or browser game, they are thrilled to share KingsRoad's beautiful 3D visuals, intense action gameplay, and instant multiplayer connectivity with gamers around the globe

KingsRoad combines the epic scope of traditional RPGs with the accessibility offered by browser games. The game allows players to assume the role of a knight, archer, or wizard while journeying across the kingdom known as Alderstone in a quest to save it from the inevitable evil places with such names attract. With session-based gameplay, drop-in cooperative multiplayer, and absolutely no barriers to entry, KingsRoad gives players a truly epic action-RPG experience.

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