A Look at BoxCat's First Indie Game - Nameless: the Hackers

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Nameless: the Hackers

I feel very lucky to get a promo code of Nameless: The Hackers, from BoxCat. I could not wait to play this game and now let me give you a general introduction to the game mode, sharing some experience about how to play the Hackers.

Nameless: the Hackers

After your starting this game, with the progressing of plot, the Star Mark would emerge in the map now and then, and you can active different missions through clicking the Star Mark.

The Hacker adopts a turn-based battle mode, in which players can choose different characters to fight in each round. Every character has its unique skills with different damage level in various occasions.

Nameless: the Hackers

You can get some bonus when you defeat opponents. Sometimes, you should collect some cards to finish the mission, and there are also some items for you to recover from the damage caused in the fighting, etc.


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