Real Racing 3: How to Win the Game in an Efficient Way

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Real Racing 3

As the title said, how to win the game in an efficient way in Real Racing 3? Here I summarized some points worthy of notice for new racers, these may help you to earn gold in the game effectively and quickly.

CUP: At the beginning of the match, do not rush into the inner track because while the match is initiating, most of the players are like to take the inner track to achieve some kind of advantage. However, due to a large amount of cars crowding in the inner circuit, the speed of car could not increase within a short time. In this situation, it is rational to choose the outside lane at first, and then you can overtake at least five cars easily. Half minutes later, you can switch to the inner lane to pursue the one ahead you and further the distance from the one behind you. Please keep this in mind that, if you want to become the champion in the match, you should surpass the first one on the long straight road, or it would be hard to exceed in the later contest. And in the middle of gaming, when you notice someone want to overtake you, you should use your car block the road and in this case, it is impossible for you to catch up when you are surpassed by other players. (You should adjust your strategy according to the analysis from speed, acceleration, distance etc.) If you could not win the No.1 using the strategy I told you, you can use some special method to earn some credit or confidence. That is, you can quit the game, cut the internet and reboot the game. At this moment, the opponents in the game are just AIs with a signature of flag which are weaker than you think (applicable to all modes).

Real Racing 3

ELIMINATION: Just like the Cup mode, the only difference between them is in Elimination mode, you can take the inner track immediately after the game initiated, because in comparison to Cup mode, the racers are less.

DRAG RACE: According to the experience, if you put into one gear, you have a growth of 22 yards per second in speeding, that means it is rational and effective for you to engage a gear at 44, 66, 88,110,132 yards in turn.


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