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Brawl Busters Launched "Buster's Inferno" Update

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Brawl Busters is an online multiplayer action combat game. It brings a brand new free-to-play experience to PC gamers from all over the world. Featuring innovative gameplay and a signature offbeat style like no other, Brawl Busters is about to take the genre to a whole new level. Controls are intuitive and easy to learn, letting players focus on one thing: becoming World-Class Busters.

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It's nice to see that Rock Hippo Productions announced today the launch of its newest update – "Buster's Inferno" - for its free-to-play multiplayer action-combat game, Brawl Busters. Gearing up for March Break, players can expect even more hectic battles with this scorching hot update. It introduces a catastrophic new map: Burning Adventure, increases the max level to 45, and provides player requested adjustments to the gem score system in ranked matches.To find out how it all began, you can check out the bizarre story here.

"An ancient poem once chronicled the nine circles of the underworld where citizens who sinned were punished for all eternity.Long ago, this Inferno was isolated from the living world, but escalating greed and violence in Mega City has caused rifts to open between these realms. Some believe that Glow extraction was the catalyst for this catastrophe. Earthquakes torn the ground asunder at Riot Factory and now scorching lava has erupted at Triple Adventure.Are Busters making the situation worse with their constant brawling, or will they be the ones to save Mega City?"

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If you need more information about the new "Buster's Inferno" update, please view the latest screenshots and trailers and download the game for free on the official sites.

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