400 vs 400 Mega Castle Siege PvP in Black Desert

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Black Desert PvP Castle Siege

Clan wars like Guild vs Guild are available in Black Desert, but there are no battles between races like World of Warcraft. The main PvP feature in Black Desert is the castle siege PvP. The siege PvP is not taken place in a dungeon-based field. It's in the open world, so every player can join the vast PvP.

This fantastic MMO is supporting up to 400 vs 400 players in one battlefield concurrently. To win the siege PvP, a couple of little guilds can be united to confront a giant guild. In Gstar 2012, the developer represented a DEMO of the siege to 2P.com. Due to the limit of testers, only 100 characters were controlled by real players and the rest were all manipulated automatically by AI.

Journalist from 2Pcom got a chance to experience the large-scale castle siege. Players are able to manipulate the castle smashers like canon, adjusting the angle to attack in distance. When players try to attack the castle efficiently, building base camp like a fort around the castle is a great choice. Surely, the defenders can destroy your fort by defending weapons up from the castle. By the way, the NPC mercenaries will participate in the castle siege or defending the castle as well. The outfit of the NPCs you've hired can be customized.

Black Desert PvP Castle Siege

Black Desert PvP Castle Siege

When the conquerors and defenders die, they will respawn from the base camp or each side and rejoin the siege soon enough. The death penalty in the castle siege setting is same with the normal death in the field at this stage, but PearlAbyss will make these two different sooner or later.

Holding the castle will be beneficial. You can get tax and buy more defensive weapons to guard your castles. However, only members in two parties who declare a war can occupy the castle and get the benefit.

During Black Desert open beta in Korea, only 1 or 2 places will be open to players where siege happens. In contrast, Russian players are able to have more castles up to 7-8 places.

The detailed rules for castle siege are not decided yet, which will be discussed at a later time.

Black Desert PvP Castle Siege


Black Desert PvP Castle Siege


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